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The Components of Deanna's Wellness Plan:

1. Wellness Assessment
2. National Scale Evaluation
3. Customized Wellness Plan
4. Phone Consultations
5. Accompanied Grocery
    Shopping Trip
6. Pantry Make-Over




Most of us have planned for the important things in our lives (e.g. house, insurance, vacation, college), but few of us have given time and effort planning how we can increase the odds in our favor against disease and loss of health.

Over the years it has been confirmed to me time and time again that people without a plan who have tried to maintain health, manage their weight, minimize stress, sleep better, have more energy, or simply want to feel and look better—yet ignored all the component parts of wellness—have been unsuccessful in reaching their goals.

It all has to be brought into balance, but the first step is an analysis to find out where you are, then we can determine where you're going.

My passion is to help people of all ages live a long, healthy life. I develop personal, customized Wellness Plans that address your health, stress, and weight issues, and increase the odds in your favor to prevent disease and sickness.  I promote WELLNESS and want you to use the knowledge I've gained throughout the years.

What is Wellness?    Wellness is about disease prevention, whereas, traditional medicine is
                                   about disease treatment.

 Why Listen To Dee?   She has been involved in the field of fitness, health and wellness for over forty years, is a Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Natural Health Professional, and Certified Raw Chef.  She teaches yoga, writes for Natural News ( and speaks at health conferences.  She has been accredited with these professional associations to name a few: IDEA -International Association of Fitness Professionals, Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research and Dietary Counseling, AAAI-American Aerobic Association International, ISMA-International Sports Medicine Association, Yoga Alliance-National Teachers Association, Arden Zinn Fitness of Atlanta, Bodywise Aerobics.

 Miscellaneous: Newpaper Health Columninst, Radio/TV Guest, Yoga Summit Graduate, Associate/ Owner Arden Zinn Studio - Just Fit Studio, Wellness Counselor, Personal Trainer, Performed with the Royal Academy of Ballet Palm Beach, Student of World Renowned Martha Graham.                                                            


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