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The Components of Deanna's Wellness Plan:

1. Wellness Assessment
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3. Customized Wellness Plan
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 Let's Talk :


Soy: Is It Safe?


There is much concern in the health community about the safety of soy and most especially soy protein supplements.  What do you think and what has been your experience?

A Dieter called today asking about the safety of a weight loss product company that had soy protein isolate as the main ingredient for all their products.

Let's start a dialogue.


At the GHC website, Edward Group has formulated some of the most astonishing new products I've seen in a long time. One of them is called Oxy-Powder, and this is a powerful colon cleansing product that actively releases small amounts of cleansing oxygen in your large intestine. If you're looking for some serious cleansing that cleans out the plumbing, you've found it! (Warning: This is not for those who do not wish to experience dramatic, life-enhancing events that will happen both during and after such a powerful cleanse...)

Prepare to flush away disease, bad moods, anger and resentment -- because that's exactly what comes from living with toxic fecal residues stopping up your gut.

Oxy-Powder is phenomenally good, especially for those who have a stubborn buildup of undigested red meat, dairy, cheese and other animal products in their gut. And anybody who has a large, protruding "gut" most definitely suffers from a toxic build-up of all those residues. There aren't a lot of products on the market that will really clean out this toxic sludge, but Oxy-Powder is definitely one of them. (Review by Mike Adams of Natural News)

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